Jagan's Warm Greetings To Chandrababu

AP Caretaker CM Chandrababu Naidu celebrates his 69th birthday Today (April 20th). None other than YS Jaganmohan Reddy came forward to extend his wishes to the TDP Supremo. 'Warm birthday greetings to Chandrababu Naidu guru,' he wrote on his social media handle.

Jagan showed one needn't behave like rivals just because of political differences or due to different set of ideologies. Extending Birthday Wishes to the TDP Supremo few days after the tough-fought elections is a nice gesture from the YCP Chief. By doing so, He sent a message to the public that they might be Opponents but not Rivals.

Since polling day, There was an exchange of war of words between AP Politicians and the tensions have been only escalating. Today's gesture from the Opposition Leader will act like a cooler in hot summer.

Netizens have been showering praises on YS Jaganmohan Reddy for leading by example. Sometimes, Simple Things leave a huge impact on the public and change the perception they have on an individual.

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