Inside Talk: Min 90 - Max 130 For YCP!

These days, Major Political Parties aren't relying on just one survey agency to know the pulse of the people. They were hiring multiple agencies to get the accurate estimation of poll prospects.

As per the strong buzz, YS Jaganmohan Reddy obtained report from as many as six survey agencies although Prashant Kishor's Team has already given its detailed assessment. All of these surveys offered a prediction that YCP will be winning not less than 90 seats and not more than 130 seats. Which means, Yuva Neta is most likely to emerge as a king by achieving the magic figure on his own.

If YCP wins 90-plus Seats, TDP will be restricted to anywhere around 60 seats. Jana Sena, CPI, CPM, BSP, Congress, BJP and Independents could combinedly settle for close to 10 seats.

People of AP seems to be off the impression that they have respected Chandrababu Naidu's seniority after bifurcation and it's now time for giving an opportunity for Jagan to prove his mettle. #APElections2019Results!
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