Maharshi's Everest Anchuna Promo Song: Unimpressive!

Promo Song of 'Everest Anchuna' from 'Maharshi' is underwhelming to say the least. It doesn't have Foot-Tapping Composition, Catchy Lyrics and Eye-Catching Choreography. What's worse is the lack of chemistry between the lead pair. Handsome Mahesh & Sexy-looking Pooja Hegde are the only saving grace.

'Maharshi' is carrying huge expectations ever since the launch of Teaser. 'Everest Anchuna' Promo Song will certainly raise doubts on the Box Office result of this biggie. Be it DSP's Music, Shree Mani's Lyrics and Raju Sundaram's Choreography, None of them were able to meet the hype. The spark which we expect from a Superstar Song has gone missing completely. Makers should have preferred releasing some other promo song than such a poor output. What will they do now to overcome this short-coming?

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