India's Most Wanted Trailer: Hunt For India's Osama!

Army or Terrorist-based Subjects kept coming from the Hindi Film Industry. There is market for such unconventional films in the North India. Who would have thought that a film like 'Uri' would collect over Rs 200 crore?

Promo of 'India's Most Wanted' is impressive. 5 Unlikely Heroes takes up a mission to nab India's Most Wanted Terrorist who is the mastermind behind 52 blasts which killed 433 people and injured 810 others in Hyderabad, Jaipur, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Pune Delhi and Mumbai. How did they manage to accomplish the mission successfully is the interesting element. Caption informing it's based on true events raises curiosity.

Arjun Kapoor played the lead role and he leads the 5-member team to catch India's Osama. First Impression on India's Most Wanted is positive. It's nothing like the terrorist backdrop films made so far and that's the USP. Rajkumar Gupta wielded the megaphone. May 24th Release!

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