How KCR Ambushed This Dalit Leader?

KCR is known to hit where it hurts most. He also knows when to hit so that the rival cannot get up and launch a counter. Former MP Gaddam Vivek must have realised this lesson the hard way. KCR wanted to teach Gaddam brothers, sons of former Union Minister and Congressman G Venkata Swami, a lesson. He was upset that G Vinod has defied the party diktat and contested as an independent. He also knew that Vivek has extended support to Vinod. But, KCR never shown his anger. He remained pally with Vivek and promised him the MP ticket. This made Vivek complacent. Barely one day before the filing of nominations, KCR denied the ticket. Vivek was shell-shocked. He fumed and fulminated a lot, but could do nothing much. KCR did not give him enough time even to file his nomination as a rebel. Though there was an offer from the BJP, which was ready to ask its candidate S Kumar to step down to make way for Vivek, he could not make up his mind. So, Vivek opted out of the contest.

So, with one stroke,  KCR showed Vivek his place. He also ensured that Vivek does not rebel. So, for the next five years, he may have to stand under the roof of Visaka tin sheets and wait for 2024 elections.
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