KCR Sinks BJP Hopes Hook, Line And Sinker

Poor BJP! Is has found itself fully outwitted by the wily KCR once again. During the assembly elections, he initially gave an impression that he would put up weak candidates against the sitting BJP MLAs. But, in the end all the candidates, barring Raja Singh,found themselves being conned and cornered. The result, All of them lost the polls. This time, at least three TRS MPs - G Vivek, Jitender Reddy of Mahabubnagar and Ponguleti Srinivas Reddy of Khammam - were planning to join the BJP if the TRS denied them tickets.

In fact, they had held secret parleys with the BJP leaders.  So, the BJP did not announce its candidates and waited for KCR to announce his partys list. The three MPs too waited till the last minute. With KCR announcing the list barely 24 hours before, these MPs had little time to react. They couldn't even join the BJP. The BJP too had little time to field its original candidates. The result, the three MPs, who could not get tickets, could not rebel and the BJP could not take advantage of their resentment. So, it will be a walkover for the TRS.
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