Pawan Helping Kodela To Defeat Ambati Rambabu

Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan is a good friend of YSRCP's Kapu face Ambati Rambabu. Though he had lost the last elections, the YSRCP renominated him from Tenali constituency. He is taking on Kodela Sivaprasad, who is a Kamma. Though he is financially weak, the party is trying to help Ambati take on Kodela. Sources say that Kodela is hugely unpopular and Ambati will win hands down. But now, the Jana Sena has come to Kodela's rescue. The Jana Sena has fielded a Reddy as Reddys are in considerable numbers there. So, the jana sena candidate will split the Reddy vote. Sources also say that this is Kodela's gameplan and that it is he who asked Erram Venkateswara Reddy to join the fray to divide the votes. Reddy met Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan only after meeting Kodela.

So, Jana Sena has now become a pawn in the hands of Kodela and the TDP. It is now being used to split the votes and ensure kodela’s victory

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