Viral: KA Paul Mocks KCR & Pawan!

Praja Shanti Party Chief KA Paul isn't willing to give up the fight even though people, media and political parties haven't been taking him seriously. He entertained everyone with his funny comments and antics during his speech at a recent meeting.

KA Paul: 'Vote for Jagan is like voting for a looter. People have to decide whether they want someone who assures Development, God's Blessing and Peace as the ruler or a looter. I haven't come here to beg for votes. It's up to the people to decide who should rule them. Would you go and vote for Pawan Kalyan? Chiranjeevi is known for superb dances, Pawan can't even do that! I offered to make him CM and gift myself PM Post but he rejected. How could he offer 21 MLA Seats for BSP which doesn't even exist in AP? Mayawati is My Student. Are CPI and CPM really parties? They failed to win at least one of the seats offered to them in Telangana inspite of the support of other parties. After my entry, Even Kanumuri Bapiraju should vote for helicopter symbol or else he won't be able to get sound sleep. Vote for Praja Shanti Party if you are honest. Don't vote for Jagan, Chandrababu and Pawan. I will invite all of them if I become Chief Minister'.

The Evangelist hasn't even spared Telangana Chief Minister. He mocked K Chandrasekhar Rao for oppressing 'shastanga namaskar' for Chinna Jeeyar Swamy. 'KCR is My Student. He came to Me thrice for my blessings. Still, I won't tolerate if he abuses Telugu People. Will make him touch his nose to the floor. KCR is pressing the hand pump to help Jagan win in AP so that both of them can loot'.

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