Naga Babu Joins Jana Sena, To Contest LS Polls!

Naga Babu joined Jana Sena Party on Wednesday. Addressing the media on this occasion, Mega Brother told: 'Though I wish to work for Jana Sena, Decided to look at My Brother as a Leader and extend my support from outside. Couldn't believe when I received the invitation to join Jana Sena. Grateful to My Brother! The manner in which Pawan Kalyan evolved as a leader inspires us. I wonder if there are any such Leaders in our country. I will show what I could do'.

Pawan Kalyan officially announced Naga Babu as the Jana Sena Candidate for Narsapur Lok Sabha Constituency. All the Political Parties were shell shocked with this unexpected move.

Nobody anticipated that Pawan would invite his elder brother to contest from Narsapur Constituency. What prompted him to do so? Naga Babu has been actively campaigning for Jana Sena through his YouTube Channel 'My Channel - Naa Istam'. Pawan was impressed with the sincerity shown by his Brother to contribute in someway or the other though he isn't a member.

Seems like, Mega Heroes will be kickstarting the campaigning for Jana Sena Party anytime soon. Ram Charan, Allu Arjun and Varun Tej could take the responsibility of election campaign at some stage.
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