35 lakh Double Votes In Andhra Pradesh?

Another TDP machination to win the elections by hook or crook has now come to light. The AP election officials have found that in one district alone there are 19, 507 double votes. This means there are 19507 voters whose names have been entered at two places. In other words, nearly 39000 votes would be cast for one party and these votes can actually determine who wins and who loses in a Lok Sabha constituency.

The election officials have used a software called ERO Net to identify duplication of voters names. In are Krishna district alone, there are over 19000 votes. In Penamaluru there are 2380 double votes. In Vijayawada Central, there are 2023 double votes. In Mylavaram, there are 2651 double votes. In Vijayawada east also there are 1764 votes. This is the story of just one constituencies. If this is extended to the whole state, there would be nearly 35 lakh double votes.

Just remember, the difference between the winner (TDP) and loser (YSRCP) is just 5 lakh votes. If there are 35 lakh double votes, imagine what would be the outcome.
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