Proud Moment For Hyderabadis

Recently, in a popular survey called Mercer Quality of Living rankings of 2019, Hyderabad tops the list for the fifth time in a row. The survey results have been released globally yesterday.

When considered globally, Hyderabad along with Pune secured 143rd position. It is known that Hyderabad has always been a densely populated city with rapid development. From best work life to premium entertainment, Hyderabad has always been one of the favorite destinations in Telangana.

The development is visible in many sectors. In 2018, both Hyderabad and Pune got 142nd position and dropped by one this year. Austria capital Vienna and scored the first position in global records for the 10th time in a row. A total of 231 cities participated and seven of them were from India.

BVR Mohan Reddy, ex-chairman of Nasscom is claiming that the Hyderabad ranking is because of the excellent quality of infrastructure, roads, traffic management, education development, and even the latest metro rail work.
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