Where Is The Promise Of 33% Reservation, Pawan Kalyan?

Pawan Kalyan talks tall about women. He talks about giving them 33 per cent reservations and has even launched a women wing of the party audaciously titled Veera Mahila. But, when he released the first list of his MLA candidates, one found that there was not many women. It was clear that the total number of women was less than 10 per cent. There were women candidates only for Nellimarla, P Gannavaram and Rajampet. Of the four Lok Sabha seats for which candidates were named, there is not a single women. So, 33 per cent is only for the talking. Even in the second list, there are not many hopes about giving more seats for women. Even otherwise, there are very few seats where he can have his candidates in the second and third lists. He might give tickets to women where there are no suitable male candidates.

There is another thing where he has gone back on his word. Most the candidates who got the tickets were defectors from other parties. Those who toiled from the beginning are not there in the list. He talked about poor and the middle class being given importance, but in reality, only the richie rich got the tickets.

Pawan should take care of the social equations and other issues while announcing the candidates. Otherwise, he would have to be ready to face criticism.
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