Can This Group Ever Hope To Defeat Modi?

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The Congress Party had fought one of the fiercest of electoral battles in 2019. But, look at its war machine! Only four of the Congress Working Committee members, the highest decision making body of the party, could win the Lok Sabha elections.  CWC perhaps is one body where the majority of the members did not contest elections in at least 10 years. With this kind of  strategists, can one even think of winning a war.?

The CWC has 55 members. They include Party president, 25 main members, 19 permanent invitees and the remaining special invites. Of them only 18 members contested the election. This means 37 members did not even contest. Of the 18 who contested, only Rahul Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi, Gaurav Gogoi of Assam and A Chellakumar of Tamil Nadu managed to win. Though he had won from Wayanad, Rahul lost from his fiefdom of Amethi.

Look at the long list of leaders who did not contest this time. It includes Ambika Soni, Ghulam Nabi Azad, Mukul Wasnik, PC Chako and P Punia. Rajiv Satav and KC Venugopal, who won in 2014 did not contest this time.

CWC member and Sonia Gandhi's eyes and ears, Ahmed Patel last fought elections in 1991, while Motilal Vora contested last in 1999. AK Antony did not contest the election after 2001. Rajni Patel contested last n 1995, while Ramachandra Khuntia last contested in 1996. The record in this regard goes to G Sanjiva Reddy, who last contested in 1969, a year before Rahul Gandhi's birth. Others like Priyanka Vadra, Anand Sharma and Sachin Rao are yet to contest an election in their life.

Can such a motely crowd defeat seasoned warrior Narendra Modi?

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