Pooja Hegde And Her Love Letters

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Every actress has their own unique memory that one cannot forget that easily. Here is the story of our Tollywood leading lady Pooja Hegde who has revealed her bizzare 'love letters' experience on social media.

The lady was asked by a netizen to tell a unique situation of her childhood. No sooner he asked, Pooja said, I used to write so many letters to one person and believed him to be real and used to expect lot of replies for my letters but none came said Pooja and surprisingly revealed the person as 'Santa Claus'.

Pooja later on moved on with her heart break in her teens and started understanding reality. Pooja said in real life I never got love letters as my behaviour was of a tomboy and moreover i used to play basket ball and no one really matched my height then she said.

Pooja Hegde on the work front is currently filming for Prabhas #20 and Akhil's Most Eligible Bachelor in Telugu. There are few other films in her hand out of which one is with Bollywood Superstar Salman Khan.
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