Director Shows His Social Angle Yet Again

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Tollywood Mass Director Harish Shankar is very much known for his out and out mass commercial blockbusters. The dialogues and the goose bumps scenes in his films attract the audience to the core. There seems to be a different angle in this director. If you have any doubt, follow him on Twitter you will get to know how different he is!

Director Harish Shankar responds to social incidents on his Twitter handle and tries to bringsome awareness to the issue among his fans. His tweet recently on the attack of Doctors in Gandhi Hospital attracted the Twitterati.

His Tweet said- Where are the Social and Rights Activists? You don't come in this hour but you come to mock Sajjanar sir. The tweet was very much understood by his fans and all the people who follow news and everyone is showering praises on this director's timely tweet.

Harish Shankar is busy scripting yet another film with Power Star Pawan Kalyan after the stupendous success of their first collaboration 'Gabbar Singh'.
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