Is Jaanu Failure A wake-Up Call For Those Remakes?

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There are no sure-shots in gamble. If you're playing Blackjack, you never know of you will be able to hit 21 with every card drawn by the dealer. It feels like you're winning at first but later you get to know that the Casino is not looking to increase your bank balance but theirs.

Similar with films too. It is a business of dreams. And dreams are never an assured source of income. While entrepreneurs do say that dream big but they invest in a scientific process or a marketable item that promises sort of return. Only business that is as uncertain as film business is fresh foods market. It is dependent on agriculture which is vastly irregular and dependent on weather conditions, climate changes.

So, how can you make such a business a certain hit or a sure-shot blockbuster? Go for a story or structure that proved to be highly successful. Hence, we see commercial writers talking about formula and producers running after blockbuster films from other languages for remake rights.

Even when you remake you need to re-imagine, re-design, re-structure ... simply re-"make" it. Else, you can always dub it. In case of Jaanu, producers did not try to re-make it but just tried to re-tell it with different actors.

They did not look at nativity factor, nostalgia factor and most importantly did not try to re-structure the story for Telugu audience test. Hence, it ended up as a shot-to-shot re-telling which Telugu audiences rejected.

Now, this made Thadam remake Red producers, to look at their film and see if the changes are working. Ram is confident that he will again get an action blockbuster this year to continue the Ismart Shankar success vibe.

Even Suresh Babu is looking at Naarappa closely. Most importantly Venkatesh Maha, who is remaking Maheshinte Prathikaaram is asked to come up with his own version, it seems as Umamaheswara Ugraroopasya.

Another remake that is under the scanner is PSPK26, tentatively titled, Vakeel Saab. Dil Raju doesn't want to repeat Jaanu mistakes and is very keen to make this a box office success as it is his dream to produce a film with Pawan Kalyan. 
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