China Releases new Report on Covid-19

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The Dragon country China has released a detailed report on the deadly outbreak of the Covid-19, which was earlier Coronavirus. Till now more than 44,000 cases were registered in the country.

Going by the reports it is found that the Wuhan province witnessed the highest rate of the cases in the country. The death rate at the province marked 2.9% while the rest of the country's death rate is only 0.4%.

Till now the death count and the infections were 1,868 and 72,436 respectively caused by the deadly virus.

The Chinese authorities have said that the Hubei province where the virus was first recorded has reported 93 deaths and 1,807 new cases. Around 12,000 patients were recovered from the virus.

The Chinese Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CCDC) has found out that around 80% of the Covid-19 were reported. All the cases were reported to be mild which keeps the sick and elderly people to get affected fastly.

The CCDC also found out that out of the infections in the country around 80.9% were mild and 13.8% cases were severe and 4.7% cases are critical.
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