Pic Talk: An Ocean Of Stunning Beauty!

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Vivacious beauty Pragya Jaiswal might not have any film offers in her hands currently but she surely knows how to keep the internet buzzing. This North Indian girl who made a splendid debut with 'Kanche' never got a chance to make it big in Tollywood.

She did not get good offers in Telugu and was just confined to glamour roles. Nevertheless, Pragya is keeping the buzz around her alive with hot uploads on a regular basis. She is enjoying her visit to Kelingking Beach Nusa Penida and she posted a click of her having a view at the scenic view of the stunning ocean. While she looks at that beauty, she gave us a chance to view her beauty from the backside.

Pragya is just smoking hot in the pink bikini top and jeans shorts which showcase her curvy body. The titillating pose is sure to make the men lose their minds and slip into a trance. On the whole, the pic looks like a painting just with a stroke of sexiness added to it.
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