What's Happening With 'HIT'?

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After producing an experimental flick like 'Awe!' for his first venture, Natural star Nani bankrolled a dark crime thriller titled 'HIT' with Vishwak Sen in the lead. This film is hitting the screens on 28th February which is announced by the team themselves. But, there seems to be zero buzz and hype around this film whatsoever.

Vishwak Sen is not a crazy hero. Though his last outing 'Falaknuma Das' garnered good pre-release buzz, the film did not do well at the box-office. Vishwak may claim that it earned around 4 crores but we all know how they exaggerate collections. Now, he is coming up with 'HIT' and it is crucial for his career. As Nani is producing this flick, one may expect a lot of buzz and noise around this flick but it is quite the opposite.

The makers are not aggressively promoting this film and have just released a few posters and a teaser till now. As it is a dark action thriller, it needs a lot of promotions to go into the public. All the promotions done till now has Vishwak's face on it and heroine Ruhani Sharma is completely ignored.

With just 10 days left for the release, the makers have to step up and publicize the film more aggressively to attract the public. Otherwise, it may go unnoticed by film lovers.
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