Chiranjeevi and Surekha Are Real Couple Goals!

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As the Instagram generation is obsessed with couple goals kind of terminology to simple wave of affection they feel watching a clip or a video, we have to tell them that real couple goals are different from such simple things.

It takes a lifetime to forge a happy home and then a lot of sacrifices are madeĀ  to keep it alive and kicking. Chiranjeevi and Surekha after 40 years of marriage, still love each other the same and make each other work hard for other's affection in the same and simplest manner.

Surekha doesn't ask Chiranjeevi to remember all the important dates or pressure him to give her the first priority and not his work, passion even at 63 years of age.

She likes to see him getting up early and showing up to work with enthusiasm than just leaving frustrated and confused like he used to do as a politician.

Also, Chiranjeevi likes to honour all her sacrifices by being the best husband he can be. He likes to share all sweet moments of his life with her and all the family members.

If she wishes to call everyone in the family and host a big party on festivals, he doesn't think about the purse that is going to be emptied. He just looks at the happiness and memories such meets leave you with.

If she wants to watch her son, Ram Charan and him on screen together, he wants to make it happen in the best possible way, too.

They did not start out as lovers and she even took him not being able to remember her name for months after marriage, sportively. She accepted him as he is and that made Chiranjeevi a better human than he already is, which enabled him to conquer the hearts of millions.

For 40 years, if Chiranjeevi carefully constructed a fort, then Surekha helped him by being his co-worker, co-planner and co-builder and co-owner of the same dream, which gave her enough space to explore her own dreams as well! How can they not be couple goals?

Happy 40th Anniversary to the "Mega Couple" from our side and we wish them many more happy memories in life and hope all the sad part they had to go through as parents and popular celebrities has no place in their life, any longer.
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