Potula Sunita to Join YSRCP?

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In a much shocker to the TDP, it has been widely reported that MLC Potul Sunitha will join the ruling YSRCP. Interestingly in the Legislative Council, she voted in favour of the ruling party on Rule No 71 in the house.

Within just 24 hours she voted, she again hit the headlines. Reportedly she will join the YSRCP very soon.

The rumours of Potula Sunita leaving the TDP party surfaced soon after she voted in favour on the ruling party. This news gained a lot of significance where TDP is very confident in the legislative council. The ruling YSRCP doesn't have the required strength in the house.  

One question that is with the political circles is going with the CM Jagan's announcement that any leaders joining their party from other parties should first resign to their post and then come to their party.

If she resigns from her post there is no guarantee that she can again win the elections. To get more clarity on this we may have to wait a few more days.
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