Teacher makes sexual relationships with student

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In a country like India, we will give respect to our teachers and we consider them as our parents or guardians. A lot of children will go to tuitions, parents send their children to tuitions to get good marks. But what if teachers do the wrong thing with the child, where will the parents send their children. The incident happened in Gujarat, a 26-year-old teacher makes a sexual relationship with an eight class student.

The incident happened in Gujarat, the parents of the boy gave a complaint in the police station saying that the son was missing and they said they doubt the tuition teacher, the police started investigating the case.

In Gujarat, there was a woman, who was 26-year -old compleated degree and started tuitions to the students in her house. One day an eight class student joined in the tuition. After few days teacher wanted to satisfy her sexual desires. Every day after the tuition, the teacher would not send the boy to his home. She would take to a room and she would enjoy sex with the boy. Some days boy felt appropriate and later the boy also started enjoying it and they both had sex in the room every day after the tuition and this continued.

On Friday the boys' father gave a missing complaint in the police station and said he doubts the teacher. The police registered a case and started investigating the case. The police asked the tuition children about the teacher's behaviour, the children said that the tuition teacher use to take the boy to the room in front of them and they would be very close.
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