What If Council Rejects YCP's Decentralization Bill?

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All the Andhrites are curious to know what's gonna happen in the AP Assembly and Legislative Council on January 20th, 21st and 22nd. CM Jaganmohan Reddy is determined to shift the capital from Amaravati to Visakhapatnam. YCP Government will be introducing the decentralization of the capital city bill during this Assembly Sessions.

With a strength of 151 MLAs, Passage of any Bill in the Legislative Assembly won't be an issue at all for the YCP Government. State Government will be citing TDP's Insider Trading as the major reason behind its decision. GN Rao Committee and Boston Consultancy Group Reports had only given strength to the vision of CM Jagan to develop all the three regions of Andhra Pradesh.

What if the decentralization bill doesn't gets approved in the legislative council? Barring the Two MLCs who distanced it already, Telugu Desam Party is planning to reject the bill of AP Capital decentralization with the 21 MLCs it have at present.

Experts say, Any Bill which gets rejected by the Legislative Council comes before Assembly after 3 Months. Then, Ruling Party can pass the Bill and make it into an act even if it doesn't have the consent of the Opposition Parties. TDP can only delay the passage of Bill but it can't prevent it from becoming an Act.

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