Exclusive: Tupaki special Chit - Chat With Superstar Mahesh Babu

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On the outlook, Superstar Mahesh Babu looks like a tough and dignified but he can amaze you with his acute sense of humour whenever he speaks. His witty one-liners are surely not be missed. He is getting ready to provide full entertainment with 'Sarileru Neekevvaru'. He is very busy in promoting the film and here is a special chit-chat with him exclusively for Tupaki readers.

What is the reason behind choosing a commercial film now despite finding success in message-oriented flicks?

There is a certain level of comfort in doing commercial films. According to my experience, only a commercial film will give the scope to perform various emotions. In a story-driven film like 'Srimanthudu', you will have certain limitations as an actor. You have to act according to those boundaries. It is true that story-driven films like 'Srimanthudu', 'Maharshi' and 'Bharat Ane Nenu' have brought me success. But my career took a positive turn whenever I attempted a commercial film. I am hoping for the same thing to happen for 'Sarileru Neekevvaru'. Bomma Daddarillipoddi (laughs).

It is true that commercial films have turned your career. But this format has a lot of ups and downs. There is a certain risk in doing commercial films. So, why did you choose this risky genre?

Yes! There is a risk in this genre but the way Anil Ravipudi wrote 'Sarileru Neekevvaru' story really excited me. My role has a stature in this film. I did the role of an army major. But Anil added fun to it and made it a commercial entertainer. This way, Anil blended two formats perfectly. He did the same for his previous films too. It is this talent in Anil that made me do this project. In fact, I believe that our film is a perfect Sankranti release and it was me who decided to release it this season.

You are one of the very few star heroes who take up experiments. Will you continue that pattern in the future?

A lot of lives depend on the decisions I make. Not just me, all the star heroes are forced to have some limitations. It is not wrong to do experiments but such stories need to be dealt with extreme care and we need to see that it is commercially viable too. In 'Sarileru Neekevvaru' too, we took a social element and gave a commercial treatment to it. I am ready to do experiments in the future but I will take care that my previous mistakes will be not repeated again.

You are always the first one to give positive signals to fans. You have invited Chiranjeevi garu to your pre-release event.Before that, it was Jr. NTR. Will we see you continuing this trend in the future too?

I have already said that there are only five big heroes in the industry. We need to support each other. Chiranjeevi sir always inspires me. He is the first one to wish me if my film gets positive talk. Such positive vibes are very necessary for the industry. I will be inviting other heroes for my film functions in the future too.

We wish wholeheartedly that the industry gets filled with positive vibes and your film becomes successful with positive talk. All The Best.

Thank You.

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