Sridevi Was Actually Suffering With This Disease From Long Time!

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Several actors and actresses tend to develop some health complications over years as they have to limit themselves to certain diet and work extra time to finish shoots as per schedules.

Recovery of the body takes more time with age and when they are unable to give it enough rest or take enough time to relax, the problems give rise to different issues. Sridevi too became a victim of such long term disease.

Satyardhi Nayak, in his biography of Sridevi, wrote the same. He interviewed many actors who worked with Sridevi and family members as well.

He said that he heard from Nagarjuna Akkineni after he worked with the actress in Govinda Govinda, quoted to have said him that Sridevi used to suffer with Low BP on sets, regularly.

Maheshwari, her cousin told him that Sridevi used to fall in Bathroom due to low BP at times and people used to find her in almost comatose stage on floor with blood coming out of her head, due to injury and nostrils.

No person can always be with her at every stage and she never wanted to be followed into private rooms, as well. As she wanted to get a solution for the issue, she even stopped acting regularly, which she loved as she feared the problem would increase.

Still, her family members used to find her collapsed on ground at different places all of a sudden, and people used to be careful around her, it seems. On that fateful day in Dubai, she had another Low BP attack and we lost her forever.

For people who don't know, blood pressure is directly related to health of the heart and it can sometimes leads to blood clots in brain or heart, that can become a huge problem. If any person suffers from Low BP, then should be never left alone or they should be made aware of their condition fully.

At times, we just cannot predict the future and even with best of the best precautionary methods, we cannot escape the eventuality. But be careful every moment!

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