Brahmins as a community with different DNA than others

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While addressing a Mega Brahmin Business Summit in Gandhi Nagar, Gujarat Speaker said that Brahmins as a community with different DNA than others. Brahmins have a Birthright to give blessings to anyone and pray for the welfare of the world. The event was attended by Chief Minister Vijay Rupani and Deputy Chief Minister Nithin Patel

Gujarat speaker Rajendra Trivedi also said that Dr BR Ambedkar gave the credit to BN Rau, who was a Brahmin, for preparing the draft of the Indian Constitution. Out of 9 Noble prize winners, eight were Brahmin's. Dr BR Ambedkar himself said that the draft was prepared by BN Rau. Our Constitution draft was prepared by studying 60 other countries.

Trivedi said that Brahmins always promote others, It was Rau who kept BR Ambedkar ahead of him and he said that we are proud of BR Ambedkar that on November 25, 1949, during a speech in the constituent assembly, BR Ambedkar said that the credit given to me does not really belong to me, it belongs to BN Rau. 
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