Is This The Real Reason Why Fastag is Introduced?

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While the whole nation is hotly debating Citizenship Amendment Act, the Modi Government has silently made the Fastag compulsory. The government is planning to make Fastag compulsory for paying fuel bills,  parking fees, weigh bills and even insurance premiums.

More than paying toll fee faster, this can help keep an eye on every vehicle. With this, the movements of the smugglers can be easily tracked and the suspicious vehicles could be checked. The dacoits, criminals and robbers cannot escape the police by changing the number plate and the colour of the paint of the cars now. The fastag cannot be changed and this will enable the police to track the vehicles and nab the criminals. Also, fake insurance claims for vehicles would also be eliminated now. Fastag recordings will give away the places where the vehicle went and will help in tracking it down.

In Tamil Nadu's Sivaganga, where sandalwood smuggling is rampant, the police have given the registration numbers of suspicious vehicles involved in smuggling and are taking the help of the National Highway Authorities to track down these vehicles. The SP has already approached the NHAI authorities on the issue. Even evasion of insurance payments would also be eliminated, say the authorities. Thus this Fastag is going to prove to be the nemesis of the criminals and smugglers.
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