New MassMB Monday Song Alert: Mind Block-ed!

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Devi Sri Prasad and SS Thaman seems to never experiment beyond their comfort level. "Diyyalo Diyyala" and "Ringa Ringa" seem to have been composed from same tune with variations in beats.

Well, the director for both films - 100% Love and Arya-2, is same and hence as similar taste in fast beat songs - one can adjust and support DSP.

But here, for Anil Ravipudi and Mahesh Babu's Sarileru Neekevvaru, DSP used his own tunes remixed them and called it, "Mind Block"!

By now, we know what instruments DSP will like to use for a song and what will be his go to raagas too. Now-a-days, he is not even trying to go a little more edgy like Thaman who is trying out something new with melodies.

This first MassMB Monday single is as routine as Girra Girra in F2 and Mahesh Babu had some classic mass songs like "Ippatikinka naa vayasu ninda padahare", Dookudu item song - tension-u, "Dola Dola dil jara jara" and few more.

Mind block doesn't really stand up to them as the song will be forgotten by fans also after enjoying Mahesh in mass outfit. With Babu opening up so much, DSP needed to come up with something like "Begumpeta Bullemmo" or "Bunny Bunny" kind of massy tunes than this slow mass beat.

Ranina Reddy and Blaze's vocals have required energy but DSP seems to have gone too lackluster and lazy with his arrangements. Anyways, listen for yourself and decide:


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