Water Resources Ministry Paints Dhoni's Photo on Water Crisis

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Out of the burning problems faced by humans across the world Water scarcity, Global Warming tops the list. We can't imagine our life without water, we cannot do anything without water.

With the groundwater levels decreasing day by day, many parts in India have started looking for rainwater harvesting techniques as this requires not much hard work or lengthy process.

To create awareness among people the government has run many awareness programs and events to explain water scarcity.

To grab the attention of the public, the government often uses film stars for a campaign for this sort of issue. Quite interestingly, the Ministry of Water Resources had painted some walls in Jodhpur with Dhoni’s picture to explain the prominence of each water drop.

The picture shows the iconic pose of former skipper Dhoni goes after a catch with a message "Catch it!!! Before its too LATE". The picture was released by the Ministry on its official account.
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