Film Stars and Football Players Indulged in Sex Party?

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Sports stars and Film Stars all over the world enjoy good following and respect irrespective of language. Their fans often try to imitate their favorite stars' behavior. That's the amount of impact they have on their fans.

In a disgusting turn of events, reportedly many film stars and Football stars have attended a sex party held by a company called Cinderella Escorts in the UK. They have allegedly indulged in sexual activities and they all had alcohol and drugs too.

Reportedly, Cinderella Escorts has arranged a sex party for Film Stars and Football stars. The escorts were called based on paying 2,000 pounds for an hour. They were not paid the agreed amount and with this, the escorts hit the roads.

The sex workers went for a strike for not paying the money on time. This news has created a sensation in the UK. The Celebrities who participated in this party are pressurizing the organizers to sort the issue as soon as possible as it will hinder their place in society.
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