The Serial Killer Killed 10 People In 20 Months

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 He is the watchman in an apartment. He started a real estate business to earn more. The murderer wants to make easy money in the name of god. In order to prevent anyone from doubting, he added the cyanide in the payasam and kill the people. There were no bruises and scrambled marks on the body of the dead. They seem to be natural deaths. Without any doubt, he killed 10 people in 3 districts in 20 months. With the robbed gold and cash, he built a house in Eluru. He is a Serial Killer Simhadri

If you go into details, Simhadri, a native of Elur in West Godavari district, was formerly a real estate dealer. Simhadri began to cheat for Easy Money, taking risks in the business. He would take cash and gold from the people saying he would double the cash and gold, after receiving the cash and gold he would give prasadam, in that prasadam he would add cyanide and give it people, the people would die within hours, So far, 10 people have been killed, no case has come out. The family members thought that all the dead had died due to ill health.

On October 16, Nagaraju (49), a government teacher of Eluru, gaveSimhadri, cash of Rs 2 lakh. He died immediately after eating Prasadam. Some people saw Nagaraju laying on the road and they admitted him to the hospital. Family members initially thought he had died of an illness. But the family members complained to police about the cash and the gold, the police started investigating the case, based on the call records of the Nagaraju the police arrested Simhadri and registered a case.
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