Heroine And Director Caught In A Hotel Redhanded!

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Extramarital affairs are getting common in Tollywood these days and another such news came out about a director and a heroine. She is a young heroine who got her first super hit thanks to the young director. After that, she got a glamorous heroine image and established herself in this industry. It is during the shooting of this film that they both started developing feelings for each other.

Eventually, those feelings turned into love and they started seeing each other. The director is already married by then but the heroine didn't care. After dating each other for a while, they decided to take their relationship to the next level. Deciding to married, they booked the room in a star hotel and the director's wife entered when they were about to get intimate.

This lead to a huge drama at the hotel and the director's wife even slapped the heroine as per sources. News is that the director decided to get a divorce and marry the heroine he loves. His decision shocked everyone in the industry including his close friends. Apparently, a writer and a director talked with him and said not to break his marriage and told him to continue the affair secretly if needed.

A senior hero too has the same advice to him and asked him to stay with the family. Despite all this, the director and heroine are still close to each other. So, the industry folks are interested to see how far this love story between the director and the heroine goes.
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