Can You Name Movies In Which Our Stars Appeared In Lady Get Ups?

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For an actor every role is important and every kind of character demands similar respect and hard work. If someone fails to keep the balance or doesn't give the required respect, they end up failing miserably.

Every actor tries different getups to prove their versatility and entertain audiences with lady getup too, if required. Our usually macho and manly stars did take up the challenge of wearing a lady getup and let's see who all pull it off convincingly in films.

You can come up with your own list to surprise us as well.

Akkineni Nageswara Rao started his career on stage as an actor who plays lady roles but in films, he never tried such getup.

Sr. NTR briefly in the film, Anna Thammudu and in Driver Ramudu acted as a lady to fool villains. In Nartanasala,  he played the role of an enunch courtesan, Bruhannala who is an expert in several dance forms.

Krishna, Krishnam Raju and Sobhan Babu stayed away from wearing lady getup but acted in several lead scenes before fights to fool villains but they never wore a full blown getup, as far as we know.

Megastar Chiranjeevi did everything he can in Chantabbayi film under the direction of Jandhyala, to deliver a pure comedy. It is a classic in comedy these days for this generation after its debut on TV but in 1987, his image as action hero swallowed its box office prospects. In the film, he appeared in several getups in song, Prema Pujari and one of them is, Miss Mary. Watch the song, to see how convincingly he pulled it off. He briefly wore lady getup along with Mohan Babu in Patnam Vacchina Pathivrathalu.

Nandamuri Balakrishna avoided lady getup in most of the films and in Top Hero, he did wear bangles and saree to fool villains. But he decided to wear full getup as a lady in Raghavendra Rao's direction in Pandurangadu. He played the role of Lord Krishna and his devotee in the film. In one sequence, he appears in lady getup, an avatar by Krishna.

Victory Venkatesh in the film Bodyguard wore complete lady getup for a comedy scene and he did pull off a young girl costume in Vasu, as well.

Rajendra Prasad acted as lady in film, Madam. It is an almost full-length getup in the film and he pulled it off in an entertaining way. But the film did not find audiences appreciation much.

Senior actor Naresh, pulled off lady getup in Chitram Bhalare Vichitram that the film is still revered for his performance and comedy.

Manchu Manoj wore the lady getup in the film, Pandavulu Pandavulu Thummeda and he showed his versatility as an actor by pulling off adult comedy in the getup convincingly.

Allari Naresh wore lady costume in the film, Kithakithalu and we can account for numerous occasions where comedians like Bhramanandam, Ali wore lady getups.

Most successful of the all actors who acted as ladies in different films is Kamal Hassan. Even though senior Naresh delivered the best comic performance as a lady, Kamal romanced Gemini Ganesan, Nagesh, Manivannan and even pulled off stunts in the film, Bhamane Satyabhamane/Avvai Shangmugi and he again pulled it off convincingly in Hindi as Chachi 420, in his own direction. He is really Kamaal Hassan!

Allu Arjun in his first film Gangotri showed extreme confidence to pull off lady getup and senior most director, Raghavendra Rao helped him in doing so.

Pawan Kalyan without wearing a getup performed a monologue in Thammudu film, which required briefly, for him to act as a lady.

Well, these are the films of stars in which they pulled off Lady getups convincingly or at least appeared in lady costumes, as far as we know and we could dig into various stars filmographies. Watch them all, if you haven't yet and tell us how you liked them.
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