PCC Chief Uttam Kumar's Career In Danger?

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The Huzur Nagar elections gave so much confidence to the TRS leaders at the same time left Congress party in a state of embarrassment. Congress party holds a stronghold in Huzur Nagar. With Uttam Kumar Reddy losing the elections Congress party's carder. Amidst these results, an interesting is surfacing that PCC chief Uttam Kumar Reddy will resign from his position taking the responsibility of the defeat reportedly.

Reportedly, Revanth Reddy is eyeing the PCC chief post, after Uttam failed miserably. Unfortunately, after Uttam Kumar became PCC chief, Congress has never won any elections in Telangana. Congress party is not happy with his track record and looking for another leader who can handle this position.

Congress party is also not happy with Uttam as he was not successful in stopping his MLAs from joining the TRS party. Even in the parliamentary elections, Congress won fewer seats than the BJP party.

Huzur Nagar is sitting position for Congress and losing seats there did not go well with the party leaders. With these results, political analysts started discussing Uttam's future in the party. To know whether this news is right or not we may have to wait a few more days.
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