Dharmadi Team Finds Royal Vasistha Boat

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Finally, the officials were successful in finding the Royal Vasistha Boat, which became the reason for the death of 50 people. The boat carrying 50 passengers was lost in the whirlpool on September 15 on a way to an excursion at Kacchaluru. Many people lost their lives under the water as the boat was overcrowded. The government is trying its level best to recover the lost boat.

The responsibility of searching the lost boat was given to the Dharmadi team. The boat is in a completely destroyed state. The search operations are still going on to find out the bodies of 12 people. According to officials, the boat was pulled out from 200 feet.

The Royal boat sank in the Godavari which was carrying more than 90 tourists violating the regulations while going towards Papikondalu. Reportedly the incident took place as the river flow was more than expected. The villagers saved as many people as they can. Details of 50 people were unknown.

The state government has announced an ex-gratia of Rs 10 lakh for the families of the victims. The government has also ordered the insurance company to give ex-gratia. MPs have also participated in the searching operations extensively. Death certificates were issued to people whose details were not found. As the boat was found destroyed, the officials are expecting that they can find some more bodies very soon.

Cases were filed on the agency that has sent more tourists than its limit.

Continuous rains and floods have delayed the search operations. The Navy officers have assisted the Dharmadi team in searching for the boat. The team has found the railing of the boat a few days back and intensified the search operations. Currently, the team is busy bringing the boat to the shore.

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