Pawan Kalyan Getting Treated For Spinal Injury!

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Jana Sena President and Power Star Pawan Kalyan is not seen for the past 10 days but active on twitter. It was through his words that Pawan Kalyan was suffering from back pain. Jana Sena President wrote a public letter and said cannot attend the meet as he was suffering from back pain. It is necessary to undergo surgery but prefers natural medicine.

Pawan Kalyan was nowhere seen on Gandhi Jayanthi celebrations held in the party office. Pawan Kalyan was not seen on cameras after the Saira Prerelease event. Apart from releasing two photos of the waterman Rajendra Singh and Pawan Kalyan, the world is not aware of Pawan's whereabouts.

This time fans were worried because of the health condition of Pawan Kalyan, as he did not give any official information. It is reported that Pawan Kalyan was taking Kerala Ayurvedic treatment for the past ten days. The close friends said that Pawan Kalyan is being treated under the supervision of two specialists.  

Pawan Kalyan should take rest for at least a month after the back pain gets cured. But it would be nice if it is formally announced, as the followers were concerned about his health. We wish Pawan Kalyan to recover and come back to the people soon.
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