Did TDP Contemplate To Suspend Kodela?

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Suspicious death of Kodela Siva Prasad Rao raised many doubts. Official declaration about the cause of death is yet to happen. Meanwhile, A serious debate is happening in the political circles over the extreme step taken by the Former Speaker. TDP has been accusing YCP Government of witch hunting Kodela since May this year. This is happening even before Postmortem report confirming the cause of death could arrive. Whether it a suicide or heart attack?

Kodela Siva Prasad Rao was used to victorious and defeats in his long political career. He faced defeat in two consecutive elections in the past. So, Chances of committing suicide because of the defeat in 2019 Elections are bleak.

Another version in circulation is the mental stress of Kodela Siva Prasad in the past few months. TDP Leadership hasn't extend any support to Kodela who faced many allegations (Assembly Furniture, K-Tax). Party Leaders has openly criticized Kodela when it comes to Assembly Furniture. At one point, TDP has even contemplated on suspending Kodela from the party. This could be one of the major reasons which put Kodela under immense pressure.

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