Kangana Ranaut In Anushka Shetty's Footsteps

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Generally, actors resort to the prosthetic makeup to change their physical appearance in a film. But there are a set of actors like Aamir Khan, who transform themselves for a role and gets back to normal shape in no time. Now, star actress Kangana Ranaut is following the same route.

Kangana is currently working on the biopic of late actress and politician, Jayalalitha. Directed by AL Vijay, this movie follows the journey of Jaya beginning her career as an actress to becoming the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu. Apparently, Kangana is planning to gain weight naturally to look like Jaya in the film.

But the actress should be careful as women find it difficult to lose weight compared to men. Earlier, Anushka gained weight for Size Zero and the actress is still facing the weight issues and unable to shed all the extra kilos. Hopefully, Kangana takes necessary precautions to avoid those results. This film also features Aravind Swamy in the role of MGR and Prakash Raj in the role of Karuna Nidhi.

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