Chandrayaan 2: Twitterati And SRK Praise ISRO's Efforts!

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Indian Space Research Organisation has launched Chandrayaan-2 Mission to orbit the moon and also land on the South Pole of the moon, with lander, Vikram.

Indian scientists could successfully launch the orbiter in the path of orbit around moon but we lost communication with Vikram, the lander.

This was the most ambitious mission taken up by ISRO after Mangalyaan and India would have been the first country to land on South Pole of Moon, with a lander ready to investigate about water in polar ice caps.

Chandrayaan-1 was the first mission to discover South Pole of Moon has ice caps filled with liquid water and Vikram would have further investigated for the details of the origins of the water and any possiblity of microbial life form evovling around the area, in the future, even though it is known that no life forms actually exist on Moon.

As the mission directors announced on 6th September night that Vikram lost communication, K. Shivan ISRO chairman was seen sobbing uncontrollably when PM Narendra Modi came to address the country from ISRO about the mission.

The heart-wrenching image made entire country stand by ISRO and SRK is the first one to react from the movie Industry praising ISRO for their efforts.

He tweeted,

"Sometimes we don’t land or arrive at the destination we want to. The important thing is we took off and had the Hope and Belief we can. Our current situation is never and not our final destination. That always comes in time and belief! Proud of #ISRO"

Entire Indian Twitterati is behind ISRO and scientists, congratulating on their efforts to send an orbiter and lander to Moon, in less than 150 Million USD budget and total indigenous technology, developed within India.

We, also laud the efforts of Indian scientists who worked for years and years on the mission. As they say, failures are stepping stones for success, we are waiting Chadrayaan-3 and possible Vikramadithya lander, landing at South Pole of Moon in coming 5 years from ISRO.

We are a county, where Vikramadithya, the Great King, never gave up on Bethal 100 times even when he knew he could fail. May be it is a fantasy story but at this hour, if a  good childhood fantasy can give us inspiration and motivation to succeed, we should take it!