Pawan Fans Trolls Nikesha, Poonam Comes for Rescue

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On the occasion of Pawan Kalyan's birthday, a few people have created a fake hashtag and it was used by some film personalities. Unfortunately, Nikesha Patel, who acted with Pawan in Puli too posted a fake hashtag but later deleted it. Some Pawan Kalyan fans who are upset with the same are still trolling her on the social media. Her patience levels have reached to a level where she is now planning to quit the social media.

"wish media and #pspk fans would calm down with the trolling.It was trending and without noticing a spelling mistake I pressed. have no intentions on hurting #pawankalyan I repeat  #PAWANKALYAN !!! He has all my love and respect. And its idiots out there who create such trending hashtags and I get into trouble for it. I give up on social media. I'm of social media for some time. Keep the negativity going and keep the trolling going while I'm not listening." posted Nikesha Patel on Twitter.

Poonam Kaur has come to the heroine's rescue. Poonam posted, "U @Nikeshapatel don’t have prove your loyalty to people ... just keep quiet ... other wise they will only have fun ... remember your interview was altered by a wicked journalist which affected your career ...have fun ... be at peace."

Hopefully, let us all wish that the issue comes to an end now!
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