Migrant Workers Sent More Money To India

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As per statistics, Close to 17 Million Indians were working in Foreign Countries in 2017. Indians have be ranked No.1 when it comes to remittances sent to the families back home.

It's an open secret that India sends more workers abroad than any other country. These Migrant Workers send more money to their families back home than citizens of any other nation.

In 2018, Indian Migrant Workers sent home USD 79 billion and it's equivalent to 2.7% of India's GDP. China occupied second position with USD 67 billion remittances sent by its 10 million migrant workers.

Small Countries depend a lot on the remittances of the Migrant Workers. Remittance inflow for Kyrgyzstan is USD 2.5 billion and that equivalent to 35% of its GDP. Nepal's USD 6.9 billion Remittance Inflow is equal to 29 percent of its GDP.
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