Evaru Crossed Goodachari? How Adivi Sesh???

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Adivi Sesh kept making headlines for tall claims over the Box Office collections of 'Evaru'. Few days ago, A Social Media Handle reported that 'Evaru' fell short of break-even in Overseas because it won't be passing $500K by the end of full run. Immediately, Our Thriller Hero replied: 'Dude...wtf? Breakeven for Overseas is 400k USD. Babulu..Breakeven about to happen in 2 days'.

Today, Adivi Sesh has proudly declared 'Evaru' crossed the full run revenue of 'Goodachari' in Telugu States to become his biggest commercial success. Quickly, Abhishek Pictures which distributed 'Goodachari' wondered: 'How can it be????? Can you share the Box Office collections of Evaru???? #Goodachari is the biggest commercial hit in Telugu States in your film career till date'.

Adivi Sesh is yet to offer a reply to the Distribution House. This is what happens when somebody challenges the tall claims. Adivi Sesh need to be careful about what he speaks, especially after back-to-back hits. Why does he want to give scope for negativity? Just relax and enjoy the success!