Highlights Of Arun Jaitley's Illustrious Career As A Politician!

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Arun Jaitley sadly passed away due to respiratory infection, kidney failure and cancer. He got a stroke during 11:30 AM in the morning time on 24th August, 2019 and he was declared dead due to cardiac arrest at 12:00 Noon by Delhi, AIIMS hospital.

He is a top figure in BJP and orchestrated the image of the party when Vajpayee came into power in 1996, 97 three times, back to back, in consecutive elections.

Let's look at his career highlights and also know what is his contribution to Indian political system.

* He was born in 1952 to Maharaj Kishan Jaitley and Ratnaprabha on 28th December

* His father was Delhi High Court lawyer and he completed his high school education between 1960 to 1969, at St Xavier's School in Delhi.

* He completed his graduation in Commerce with B.Com degree in 1973 and in 1977 attained his Law Degree from Delhi University and joined ABVP during the time.

* He became Student Union Leader in 1974 and got married to Sangeeta Dogre in May, 1982.

* After attaining Law Degree in 1977, he continued practice in Supreme Court and several High Courts. He became Delhi High Court Senior Advocate in 1990.

* From 1991, Arun Jaitely continued as National Key Party Member in BJP. He was the National executive member ever since.

* During 1999 elections, he became spokesperson of BJP and became Member of Parliament from Rajya Sabha, nominated from Gujarat state in 2000 and continued in that position till, 2018.

* From 2018 till date, he continued as Member of Rajya Sabha from Uttar Pradesh state.

* In Vajpayee Government, he assumed office as Minister of State for Information and Broadcasting till 30th September, 2000.

* He became Cabinet rank Minister of Law and Justice, for the first time in November, 2000 and second time in July 2003, continued till 22nd May, 2004.

* He became Leader of Opposition in Rajya Sabha from 2009 to 2014. Then became Leader of the House in Rajya Sabha from 2014 till 11th June, 2019

* He became Minister of Information and Broadcasting in 2014 and continued till July 2016.

* He became Minister of Defence, for a short term in May, 2014 and returned to the office for a short term in 2017.

* He became Minister of Corporate Affairs in May 2014 and was in office till May, 2019.

* He assumed office as Finance Minister in May, 2014 until recently, due to his ill-health, he continued in the post. Now, it is handled by Nirmala Sitharaman.

* He brought in many reforms to Indian financial sectors through welfare schemes to Farmers and gave subsidies for eco-friendly Industrial growth.

* He passed away on 24th August, 2019 at AIIMS, Delhi due to respiratory infection, Cardiac arrest caused by key organ failure like Kidneys and cancer.

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