KCR Proposes, Collectors Dispose

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Are the district collectors disposing what KCR is proposing? It appears so. While Telangana chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao is firm on removing the whole setup of VROs and VRAs to root out corruption from the land and revenue department, his collectors do not seem to agree with him. They feel the system is useful in addressing several issues at the ground level.

At the recent meeting of all district collectors, KCR firmly said that the VRO system is utterly useless and said that over 20 VROs were caught taking bribes in the recent one month. He said the system was at the root of all problems. But, interestingly, barring two or three district collectors, most of the officials felt that the VROs and VRAs are useful in the grassroot level administration.

There are over 5900 VROs and 22000 VRAs for 10000 revenue villages in the state of Telangana. This department is considered one of the most corrupt in the state administration.  The collector's meet spent quite a lot of time discussing the ills plaguing the department.