Pic Of The Day: Chandrayaan 2's First Moon Photo!

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ISRO unveiled the First Moon Picture captured by its moon mission Chandrayaan-2 from Lunar surface on August 21st, 2019. This photo was shot at a distance of 2,650 km away from the Moon surface. The Apollo crater and the Mare Orientale basin can be seen on the Moon.

The 538 km-wide Apollo crater named after NASA's Apollo Moon Missions is on the southern hemisphere of the Moon. Several small craters existing inside the Apollo were named after NASA Astronauts and Authorities who are no more alive.

The 950 km-wide Mare Orientale is over 3 billion years old. This bullseye shaped thing was created from the impact generated by an Asteroid-shaped object.

Chandrayaan 2 has successfully completed the most complicated part of the mission, Manoeurve on Thursday. Failure of the 20-minute Manoeurve could have spoiled the entire mission.

On September 7th, Chandrayaan 2 is likely to land on the Moon's South Pole. India will be the fourth nation to pull off such a feat if this mission is successful. Earlier, Russia, US and China has achieved it.