Why Is Ram Charan Interested In Saaho?

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Saaho team made everyone notice it with the amount the producers have spent on the movie and the kind of teasers they released.

Ram Charan is keen to know how the movie is trending buzz wise, say inside sources. He is keen on knowing what is the status of the new teasers and how the booking of tickets will be for the film, with the promotions, it seems.

 As we get curious about something we don't know or cannot comprehend, we tend to create some stories around it.

May be this piece of information is also coming from such imagination, we don't know. But the new buzz is that Ram Charan has invested his money in the movie.

UV Creations owners are close friends to the actor and he bailed them out when they needed urgent funds while the movie was on floors, it seems.

So, they offered a 10% of profit as his share for helping them out, even when he did not ask for it. Sources also say that Ram Charan wanted this to be a secret.

Well, Ram Charan might be looking at film progress to help his biggest budget film, Sye Raa promotions, releasing soon or he might be looking out for his friends.

He may also have a stake in it like the rumours say. Until the producers or the actor confirms it, this news item will always be a rumour!