Surender Reddy Lowering The Expectations On Syeraa

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This year, two mammoth budget projects ar made in Tollywood which are Saaho and Syeraa Narasimha Reddy. While Saaho is gearing up for the release on August 30th, Syeraa will hit the theatres on 2nd October. The makers have Syeraa have kickstarted the promotions by releasing the making video yesterday.

The video which almost lasts for two minutes showcases the enormous amount of hard work that has been put in the film. The expectations on it doubled after the release of the making video. Everyone started comparing it to Baahubali. But the film's director Surender Reddy is trying to suppress that hype.

If you expect so much from a film sometimes you might end up disappointed after watching it. Speaking in an interview yesterday, Surender Reddy asked the audience to stop comparing Syeraa with Baahubali and said that both are two different films. He said that Baahubali is a fictional drama while Syeraa is a biopic and what was done in Baahubali can't be done in Syeraa due to the difference in their genres.

In a way, Surender Reddy asked the viewers to look Syeraa as a biopic rather than a visual spectacle war drama like Baahubali. By this, it looks like the director is trying to lower the extreme hype that is being built on this film. But you can't lower the expectations of fans and should be ready to accept whatever the verdict they give after the film's release.