Floods Are Here, Where Is Government?

Despite winning the vote of confidence, the governance in Karnataka is still in limbo. It has been 18 days since Yeddiyurappa assumed power, but the Government is still not in sight. The ministry could not be formed. This is proving to be the biggest stumbling block for Yeddiyurappa.

The state is now facing an unprecedented situation what with heavy and incessant rains flooding vast areas. At least five districts are among the worst affected. Normal life has been thrown out of gear. Yeddiyurappa is the only minister in the state cabinet. He is finding it difficult to handle flood relief and rescue works. The JDS and the Congress are questioning the governance deficit and are criticising Yeddiyurappa for not forming the ministry.

For Yeddiyurappa, the problems are only mounting. He has gone to the Centre with a list of probables. But, the Centre has kept the list in pending. But, the centre wants to ensure that all the groups within the BJP are well represented. Moreover, the issue of the disqualification of the dissident Congress and JDS MLAs is yet to be resolved So, everything is in a limbo. To add to Yeddiyurappa's woes, the Central government is busy with the Article 370 and 35 A.

Sources say at least 50 MLAs want to become minister. Some have even appealed to the Central leadership to make them ministers. Yeddiyurappa has left the ministry formation to the Central leadership. Due to all these reasons, he has not formed the ministry and this is affecting the flood relief works.