What Explanation Do You Have Now Mr Chandrababu?

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It's a huge loss of face for Chandrababu Naidu. The incessant rains in the upper reaches of Krishna river have exposed the vulnerability of not just the capital area, but even the waterfront residence that he had used as a chief minister. Now flood water has entered the river-front residence. The indications are that the water level might further rise.

Chandrababu has always mentioned that the river-front residence was safe and that it was not constructed in the flood plains area. He vehemently brushed aside the argument that the building was constructed in a flood prone area. He made these comments on the floor of the house, not once but repeatedly. With the incessant rains in the western ghats, the Krishna river is swollen and the water levels are rising alarmingly. All the games of all the projects in the upper reaches of the Prakasam Barrage have been opened. So, even the gates of the Prakasam Barrage had to be lifted. The fast-paced and ferocious Krishna is overflowing from the embankments and Chandrababu's residence too has been flooded. This exposed the chinks in the Chandrababu's argument. A few days ago, he sought to justify the construction of the building saying that the river's flow pattern has changed and that his house would not be flooded.. He even rubbished the National Environmental Board's notices that the house was unsafe as it is flood-prone.

With the flood waters entering into the building, the watch and ward staff have shifted the furniture  and other belongings of Chandrababu into the upper floors and the convoy has been moved to Happy resorts. Chandrababu Naidu is defeaningly silent about the whole episode.