Akkineni Fans Are Extremely Upset With Nagarjuna

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King Nagarjuna made heavy claims on Manmadhudu 2 before its release. He said the movie will be a complete family entertainer which will be loved by all sections of the audiences. The entire scenario changed when the audiences walked into the theatres on the release day.

The film turned out to be a pale love story filled with adult comedy and double meaning dialogues. One wonders how Nagarjuna signed this film. Even his fans were in utter shock after watching the films. Generally, his fans defend him even when he made flop films in the past.

But now, they just lost the patience level and felt that the actor reached extremes by signing such a sleazy film by not keeping his age in mind. Even they are lashing out on Nag and writing open letters to him on social media, asking him to stop making films like Manmadhudu 2.

Fans are the ones who take stand on your side every time, no matter you score a hit or not. But they will lose patience f their favourite hero continues to make the same mistakes again and again. As the situation reached peak stages right now, it would be better Nag consider his fan's request and be careful in choosing the scripts of his future projects.